In 2017, we set out to bring A BOAT FOR EVERYONE to Cayuga Lake.  after launching in may 2018, the MV Teal hosted nearly 3000 guests from around the world and provided educational experiences for over 1300 young people during its first year on the lake.

We could not have done this alone!

But, There is still more to do!

We are incredibly close to completing fundraising to purchase the Teal from our bridge-buyer. We also hope to complete renovations to make the Teal more efficient, fully functional for educational programs, attractive for tourist AND an all-around asset to the lake community. We need your support to accomplish this and more!

  • Complete the purchase of the Teal

  • $25,000 scholarship fund to support youth programs

  • Solar power for electrical systems

  • Renovation of the upper deck for passenger use

  • Noise-reducing improvements for the exhaust system

  • Fresh paint and décor for our main passenger areas.

How You Can Help


Please consider making a donation to help us complete the projects above.

Educational boat expeditions, field trips to local streams and classroom aquarium systems are exciting learning opportunities for students, but often beyond the means of public schools and community organizations. To remove financial barriers, we provide about $25,000 in scholarships annually to cover the cost of our programs on a needs-based scale. We hope that new tourism revenue generated by the Teal will swell our Community Access Fund, but we still need your help, as well. Please consider an annual donation to keep kids on the water!

  • Donate By Check. Make checks out to “CTA/Discover Cayuga Lake”, and mail to:

    Center for Transformative Action

    119 Anabel Taylor Hall, Ithaca NY 14853.

  • Donate Online. Visit our non-profit profile on GiveGab, or just click on the button below!

Join our volunteer community! 

Become a cruise volunteer, or a “Trout in the Classroom” class mentor, or join one of our advisory committees. We are looking for individuals with energy, interest, and experience in boating, fundraising, curriculum and marketing.  If you have any questions, please contact our Program Director, Bill Foster ( Thank you for your support! 

Experiential Impact Across the Community

What if Everyone had a chance to enjoy Cayuga Lake?  Perhaps you agree that, in the Finger Lakes, gorges and lakes are the centerpieces of our communities. Sustaining them is key to our future and our regional identity. And yet, the presence of beautiful waterways in our region doesn’t mean that most people have the means to enjoy them.

Our mission, first and foremost, is to make sure that our waterways, and particularly Cayuga Lake, are accessible to all young people, regardless of background. After all, how can any young person value something that is not part of her or his life?

The Floating Classroom honors the Cayuga Lake Watershed Restoration and Protection Plan, and is guided by a volunteer committee, according to the following values.

  • Community. We prioritize community concerns and local resources.

  • Local Learning. We focus on local ecosystems and community services.

  • Direct Experience. We emphasize active, hands-on learning opportunities.

  • Equal Access. We provide opportunities regardless of culture or income.

  • Citizen Science. Program participants generate and share useful data.

Discover Cayuga Lake is a partner project of the Center for Transformative Action, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which accepts all funds on our behalf.